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TST Review - January 2021

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09:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Technical presentations (includes 30 minutes for a Break + Discussion Time)

Introduction - Gianluca Iaccarino

  1. Detailed Project Plans
    Gianluca Iaccarino,Javier Urzay
  2. Physics Modeling
    Jonathan Wang, Javier Urzay
  3. Computational Framework
    Kazuki Maeda, Steve Jones, Mario di Renzo
  4. Computer Science (Legion Programming Model)
    Alex Aiken
  5. Validation and Uncertainty Quantification  
    Carson Slabaugh, Alireza Doostan
  6. Surrogate Models >> Atomization Presentation >> Exascale Many-Worlds Browsin
    Eric Darve, Stefano Ermon, Doug James
  7. Wrap up
    Gianluca Iaccarino